Yesterday saw the launch of the latest in bathroom design and an introduction to the industrial vintage trend at our Waterloo showroom. Here we look in more detail at this emerging movement towards softening and personalising the classic urban look...

What is industrial vintage?

The ‘industrial vintage’ trend sees a new era of creative expression, emotional warmth and unexpected polarities. Where once raw materials and structured forms were paired with white ceramics and minimalist furniture pieces, we’re now seeing a softer version of the industrial style emerge to give this trend broader appeal. 

What’s the thinking behind the trend?

By relaxing the industrial aesthetic we’re attempting to humanise the bathroom space. It’s fast becoming a room where mood and escapism matter. We can’t all make time to relax and unwind every day, so what we’re doing is making that quality of time count. The bathroom should be both physically and mentally restorative so we’re finding new ways to enhance and enjoy this space. 

How can I incorporate it into my bathroom?

The key to this trend is complementary contrasts. Think elaborate floral wallpaper prints paired with sculptured brassware piece, Art Deco detailing on minimalist Crittall-style shower enclosures, weathered effects on manufactured materials, and fabric-coated titanium steel baths. The trend can be interpreted in a dramatic way with statement pieces, or in a subtler way through finishes and details. It’s up to you. 

Which new C.P. Hart products reflect this trend?

JEE-O flow – Distinct in its simplicity, the new flow series from JEE-O is an elegant response to the demand for an urban aesthetic. The shower and tap mixers are made from stainless steel and feature a brushed finish, making the flow series the perfect accompaniment to any statement bathroom.

BetteLux Oval Couture bath – The BetteLuxe Oval Couture bath is more than just a bathroom fitting – it’s a lifestyle object. This fabric-coated bath is the first of its kind, and will bring a sense of bespoke comfort to your bathroom.                                      

Drench Victoria – Industrial functionality meets Art Deco luxe with this beautiful Crittall-style shower door by Drench. It is available in a range of sizes and orientations to suit your bathroom dimensions and layout. 

Cielo Enjoy – The Enjoy range is young, colourful and modern. Created by prolific
designer, Karim Rashid, it combines tactile surfaces with surprising details. The collection is available in Cielo’s rich spectrum of colours to complement or contrast your decor. 

{Clockwise from top left: JEE-O flow, BetteLux Oval Couture, Drench Victoria, Cielo Enjoy}

Where can I see this trend come to life?

To really get a feel for how this trend can be translated from moodboard to bathroom, visit our flagship showroom under the railway arches at Waterloo. Touch and test out and match products that you find most appealing, and imagine how you can bring this softer side of the industrial trend into your space and create something truly original.