Japan has a unique and multifaceted culture. On the one hand, it’s known as a place of rapid technological development, amazing innovations and incredible scientific breakthroughs. On the other hand, the land of the rising sun has a rich cultural heritage and a tradition that’s thousands of years old. From the famous samurai warriors and the country’s dedication to martial arts, to its world-renowned cuisine and stunning horticultural art, Japan is steeped in history.

One of the elements that sets Japan apart from the rest of the world from a technological point of view are its standards of hygiene. Rooted in Buddhism philosophy, the Japanese sense of cleanliness can be seen in the country’s culture of taking baths in order to purify themselves. What’s more, the development of the ‘washlet’ toilet is also inspired by the Japanese way of life and its desire for a level of hygiene above any norms.


The TOTO Washlet Shower ToiletTOTO bathroom suite featuring the TOTO SX Washlet.


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TOTO Washlets


TOTO is recognised as the world’s leading producer of shower toilets. First launched in 1980, the Washlet is TOTO’s signature product with innovation that has refashioned bathrooms across Japan for more than four decades. Below, we outline the many revolutionary features of the TOTO Washlet.


Technological advances


So, what makes them different? Firstly, the lids open and close automatically once you approach the toilets and then move away from it after use. This mimics the way Japanese taxis work – once you come close to the door, they automatically open – and the custom of showing respect through a deep bow.

Comfort and discretion

When the lid opens and you take a seat, you might be surprised to find that the seat is warm. The heat is generated by the built-in heater that warms the seat to your approximate body temperature in order to provide you with the most pleasant toilet experience possible. There are also built-in speakers that release a flushing sound for maximum discretion when it comes to noise, along with odour neutralisers and deodorants to keep the bathroom air smelling fresh.

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A personalised washing experience


Japanese toilets are actually a high-tech combination of bidets and toilets. The toilet comes with a whole set of buttons. Each button has a unique function that allows you to choose a specific setting for cleaning yourself after use. For instance, you can select warm water to spray from a nozzle beneath at an optimal angle for the highest level of hygiene. You can also select the intensity and direction of the spray and adjust it to your preferences.

First-class cleanliness


Furthermore, the nozzle self-cleans after each use – a special cleanser sterilizes inside and outside of the nozzle, ensuring everything is completely clean after every use. This shows respect for the next toilet user, but also for the environment as well. Depending on the exact model, there are different ways to flush – by manually pressing down or turning the lever, by waving in front of a sensor or by pressing a button. Also, certain models of Japanese toilets automatically flush once you leave the seat. Some even use partially electrolysed flush water, which leaves the surface stain-free and immaculate.


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What are the advantages of a Japanese toilet?


This technologically advanced bathroom culture is spreading from Japan to the rest of the world. There are several benefits of having a Japanese toilet:


  • An optimal level of hygiene

Japanese toilets are very hygienic, both for the users and for the household. With the aforementioned self-cleaning features, you don’t have to roll up your sleeves and brush inside of the toilet. In addition, the nozzle enables you to experience a pleasant feeling of purity every time you’ve finished using the toilet.

  • Exceptional comfort

Japanese toilets also provide incredible comfort. Heated seats provide warmth and some high-end models are even made of antibacterial materials, ensuring a healthy visit to the WC. Various nozzle options enable you to personalise your bathroom experience according to your preferences.

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  • Eco-friendly

With Japanese toilets, you can reduce the amount of toilet paper you use, which is both eco-friendly and beneficial to your household budget. In addition, many people take showers after using the toilet, but with a built-in cleaning nozzle, you can save both time and water consumption.

  • Contemporary design

Last but not least, we cannot skip the aesthetics when talking about Japanese toilets. The various models flaunt high-tech and sleek designs, which aligns with Japan’s love of all things modern. They can fit in any type of bathroom, but they surely make the perfect choice for contemporary interiors with a futuristic touch.  

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