Yesterday, C.P. Hart’s contracts team held an event at the Café Royal Hotel in London.

The hotel recently had Neutra products fitted throughout the hotel in 120 rooms. We organised for over 30 top architects, designers and hoteliers to join us for breakfast and lunch in the Regent Suite to meet with Neutra. This was an opportunity to see Neutra’s products within the Suite and Spa Area, and also to catch up with the team from C.P. Hart.

We've since had some fantastic feedback and want to thank both Neutra, and everyone who attended.

Instagram feedback:
inspirationtodesign - 'Just visited the spa at Hotel Cafe Royal and its amazing!! Thank you @cphartbathrooms for showing us around!

evaleona.ia - 'Thank you #CPHart for the opportunity to visit the #CafeRoyal #hammam designed by #DavidChipperfield and realised by #Neutra. Such an amazing team! @cphartbathrooms.