Waterloo Re-Imagined 
C.P. Hart's flagship showroom near Waterloo, already the largest in London, is currently undergoing the most dramatic redevelopment since its original conversion..... Click to read more.

C.P. Hart, Web Smart
The remit was simple, a brand new C.P. hart website that comes as close as 'online' can to the experience of visiting one of our 14 showrooms..... Click to read more.

Contracts in the Capital
Charles Percival Hart, a south London builder and plumber, established C.P. Hart in 1937. Since then C.P. hart products have frequently been sourced by developers in the Capital..... Click to read more.

Justin Van Breda at C.P. Hart
South African designer, Justin Van Breda, is one of the most talked about designer in Britain. After graduation from the school of Interior Design in Cape Town.... Click to read more.

It's Glam Up North
C.P. Hart's showroom in Deansgate in Manchester has always reflected the energy and attitude of the city. Bold, glamorous displays, unafraid to blend different styles..... Click to read more.

The London Collection
Designed by John Hart, the son of our founder, the London collection is the epitome of traditional craftsmanship and elegance..... Click to read more.

Welcome to Britian
C.P. hart is introducing more new brands and products to the UK this year than anyone else..... Click to read more.

H2H Interview: Christian Sieger of Sieger Designs
The aware-winning German designer explains his collaboration with Dornbracht and shares his first reaction to our Waterloo showroom..... Click to read more.

Winning Trust
Chairman Richard Reynolds argues that our clients' trust is C.P. Hart's most valuable asset. Trust is had won and so easily lost..... Click to read more.

Wimbledon Outlet Launches
C.P. Hart has opened a new retail format on the site of its Wimbledon Showroom, in Weird Road. Called C.P. Hart outlet, it has been designed..... Click to read more.