Drench Crittal Style Shower Enclosures


The new ‘industrial vintage’ trend plays around with simplicity and elaboration to great effect. Clever combinations of materials and shapes see us break free from the constraints of industrial design to create something original and suited to all bathroom styles. 

Drench Victoria and Frahm shower screens can be paired with elaborate floral wallpaper prints and muted tones to create complementary contrasts in the bathroom - an opportunity to welcome curated colour and pattern into your space.

Where raw materials and structured forms were once paired with white ceramics and minimalist pieces, we’re now seeing a softer version of the industrial era emerge to give the trend a broader appeal. Now, more than ever, industrial forms are taking centre stage in a bathroom without dominating the space in its entirety. 


Drench Frahm Shower Screen

Drench Victoria Crittall

Industrial functionality meets Art Deco luxe with this bespoke black metal shower door by Drench. Exuding the elegance of a bygone era, it features textured glass and a handle that doubles as a towel rail. It is available in a range of sizes and orientations to suit your bathroom dimensions and layout. 

Drench Crittall Shower - C.P. Hart

Drench Frahm Crittall

Make an impact in your bathroom with Drench’s Frahm shower screen. This collection draws inspiration from the industrial age, while bringing an elegant aesthetic to your home. With your choice of horizontal and vertical lines, you can specify how the metal framework is set out to make it a truly bespoke piece that perfectly suits your space.

To streamline the sought-after and highly trending industrial aesthetic, why not consider the addition of matching black brassware? Our extensive brassware range features basin tapsshower headsbath mixers and more, offering a simple yet incredibly effective solution to tying the visuals of the bathroom together.

Drench Crittall Shower - C.P. Hart


Explore our range of crittal style shower screens and shower enclosures at C.P. Hart, each crafted to exceptional quality for durability.