So far, we’ve shone the spotlight on the eclectic interiors and show-stopping bathrooms in Shoreditch’s new addition to the hotel scene, The Curtain. Now it’s time to turn our attention to the designer involved in every step of this stunning project, from the initial conceptual design, right through to the final installation and finishing touches. 

Chris Michero – Creative Director at Design Duncan Miller Ullmann, based in Dallas, Texas – has garnered a seriously impressive portfolio of hospitality and high-end residential projects during his ten-plus years at the firm. Along with The Curtain, names like The Virgin Hotel in Dallas, The Josie Ski Resort & Spa in Canada and The Suning Boutique Hotel in China are all currently being given the one-of-a-kind treatment that Chris is renowned for. And we can’t wait to see the results.

{Chris Michero at The Curtain}

We caught up with Chris following our tour of The Curtain to learn about how he styles his own home, his tips on how to achieve hotel chic in our homes, and a few of his favourite things…

You've designed some of the most stylish hotels in the world, but what kinds of interior styles are in your own home?

My home is a layered but tidy mix of contemporary lined furnishings with a few eclectic or more ornate pieces mixed in with shelves, and walls full of art and collectables from my travels.

How important is the architecture of the building and the local area when you tackle a project?

Well, the look of the building will always come into play because we don’t want to have a total disconnect from exterior to interior. We would usually reference some of the same materials within. The location of a project is very important to us because we want the spaces to embrace and reflect what is around it. We like to use elements and materials indigenous to the area, and try and resource local art and artisans to assist in making the spaces feel appropriate within its community. At the end of the day, we are in the service industry so the client always has the last word, but we’ve found we’re hired for our tone of voice and are entrusted to make the property a success, not only aesthetically but also financially, so it’s a win for all involved.

{Exterior of The Curtain}

When it comes to interiors, what do you generally splurge on, and save on?

Almost every project tends to have a stage where some materials or items may be value engineered. It's key to us to make certain we’re spending money in the right places and we are always cognizant of the budget. If there are places where something can have the same effect, but less cost, we would be doing a disservice not to raise that query to our client. 
What are some easy ways in which we can incorporate that hotel chic look into our own homes?

Choose crisp white bedding and edited accessories, and spend money on good lighting and plumbing fixtures.

{Guest bedroom style at The Curtain}

What direction do you see bathroom design going in the next few years?

I would think just continuing to integrate technology and finding new ways to make the experience more lavish.

What is your favourite…
Resource for fabric? Jab-Anstoetz
Leather? Moore & Giles
Lighting? Boyd
Wallpaper? Christian Lacroix

{L - Jab-Anstoetz fabrics // R - Christian Lacroix wallpaper}

Current interior trend? Pattern on pattern on pattern
Hotel? The Ham Yard Hotel, London

{Ham Yard Hotel}

Place to relax? My yard. We love to garden and I think we’ve done a pretty good job in making it sustainable, lush, beautiful and useful.

Finally, what would you be doing if you weren't a designer? My partner and I would probably own a little garden nursery.