Sieger Design, an agency consisting of brothers Christian and Michael, have developed Dornbracht’s newest line of brassware, the CL.1. The collection was designed to have a minimalistic feel, but maintain a dynamic aesthetic. It has a sleek and streamlined appearance, with a tapered, upward-reaching spout, and is available in two finish options, polished chrome and platinum matte. The spray face was designed exclusively for the CL.1 and features 40 soft jets with low water consumption, important in a world where an eco-friendly status is becoming increasingly critical.

In our interview with Christian Sieger at C.P. Hart's Waterloo showroom, he talks about the thinking behind the design, how the CL.1 range works alongside existing Dornbracht collections, and reveals what people look for in their brassware and how the CL.1 meets their needs. Watch the video below.