Details of the range

Gessi’s range of opulent brassware and bathroom products flaunt an extraordinary beauty that will elevate your bathroom to a luxurious and timeless space. C.P. Hart is proud to offer four stunning ranges from Gessi – iSpa, Eleganza, Cono and Goccia – with two more launching later this year. 

The iSpa collection takes inspiration from the 21st century’s most iconic design, the iPhone, epitomising the desire for visual simplicity. Its corners are rounded as if smoothed by the presence of water, giving it a pleasingly tactile quality that is a joy to use. 

Gessi's iSpa collection {Gessi iSpa}

Eleganza exudes sophistication and glamour, featuring Art Deco-style mixers with a modern twist. This hugely versatile collection has the style credentials to sit in harmony within classic or contemporary surrounds.

Gessi's Eleganza collection {Gessi Eleganza}

Meaning ‘cone’ in Italian, the Cono collection of brassware and ceramics blends a naturally curved shape with angular lines to give it an expressive force. With its graceful profile, and fusion of organic and geometric features, this innovative design suits many types of property and decor.

Gessi's cono collection {Gessi Cono}

Goccia’s gentle lines were inspired by the fluid and natural shapes of water. Designed by renowned sculptor, Prospero Rasulo, this unique collection fuses the finest Italian craftsmanship with sleek, minimalist elements that tick all the style boxes.

Gessi's Goccia collection {Gessi Goccia}

One of the factors that make Gessi brassware so special is the fact you can specify them in one of eight rich finishes, including brushed gold and black metal, which will add a more avant-garde accent to your decor. 

To view all of these Gessi ranges first-hand, we recommend a visit to our Studio Italiano showroom in Primrose Hill. As a Gessi specialist, Studio Italiano showcases the best that this Italian manufacturer offers, including a full working Gessi Wellness shower display. 

What we love about Gessi

From Italy’s design heart, Milan, Gessi represents the panache and elegance of Italian architecture and fashion. They specialise in objects to fall in love with – their ‘unwaveringly Italian’ attitude drives their desire to develop sensual and tactile twists on classic concepts. These innovative designs have secured them numerous awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Communication Design Award and Italy’s Superbrand in 2008.

Gessi's Goccia collection {Gessi Goccia}

Behind Gessi’s undeniable style is plenty of responsible substance. The company’s headquarters in Northern Italy, Gessi Park, is a prime example of their green credentials. Onsite energy and water consumption is optimised, the principles of high-quality production with low environmental impact are adhered to, and the factory boasts an innovative solar panel system to reduce CO2 emissions. There is also an eco version of most Gessi taps available. 


2 minutes with Giovanni De Filippo at Gessi

What sets Gessi products apart within the bathroom industry?

We call Gessi the ‘Private Wellness Company’. Our philosophy is to create products, concepts and values that contribute to one’s well-being in their own home. Through outstanding design, innovative concepts and advanced product functions we aim to transform utilitarian rooms into special spa-like retreats that can be enjoyed every day.
Over the years, Gessi has extended its product range beyond just brassware, incorporating showers, ceramics, sanitaryware and other furnishings into a coordinated ‘look’ for the bathroom. What’s more, Gessi’s ‘Made in Italy’ philosophy follows best practices within the industry and upholds environmentally friendly principles. 

Finally, Gessi produces products that are not only material objects but also a cultural expression of ethical values, which are becoming increasingly important to consumers.

Describe Gessi’s product range in three words…

Design, freedom, quality.

In what ways do you feel that Gessi’s Italian roots inspire their collections?

Italy has given the world the most beautiful cars, fashions and furnishings, and the best food. This is the result of a centuries-old culture, known and admired around the world as the Italian lifestyle – or, as we call it in Italy, ‘life in style’. Gessi is 100% Italian life in style. 

Gessi's ‘Made in Italy’ ideology is mainly focused on the development of exceptional solutions to real problems. The company’s mission is to make everyday life more pleasant with objects of extraordinary beauty and functionality.

Gessi's Eleganza collection {Gessi Eleganza}

What can we expect to see from Gessi in 2016?

We have just presented a conceptual product that represents a revolutionary new chapter in Gessi’s research on design and well-being. This line will be launched in the forthcoming months. 

Also this year, we will be revealing some amazing luxury projects that we have furnished in places such as Dubai, North America and London. 

Which bathroom trends do you think will emerge this year?

We envisage an emphasis on natural materials, and pairings between natural open-pore wood and black Marquina or Carrara white marble, treated naturally. These furnishings are coordinated with brassware in black or 'dusty' matte black, such as our new gun metal finish. We have anticipated this trend of experimental materials in our latest concept: Equilibrio.

We have also created tap levers in natural materials such as marble and wood that have been polished, sandblasted and left with a natural matte finish. Our matte black and brushed black metal is a nod to the megatrend of matching black taps with white marble tops.


C.P. Hart Gloucester Avenue Showroom from C.P. Hart Bathrooms on Vimeo.