Charu Gandhi established Elicyon in 2014, driven by a desire to combine the rigours of architectural training with her creative flair and passion for design and craftsmanship. Now, with seven successful years under her belt and over 70 completed projects across the world, Charu knows what clients want: exquisite interior couture that speaks to their personal dreams and aspirations.

In collaboration with C.P. Hart, Elicyon has created a canvas tented, biophilic bathroom scape focused on wellness and escapism, responding entirely to the changing demands of how we live ‘today’.

Click here to visit the Elicyon room set, displayed at our Waterloo flagship showroom.


Elicyon Designer Room set Collaboration with C.P. HartShop Epoch brassware, exclusive to C.P. Hart.


Housed in our flagship Waterloo showroom, the design incorporates our copper Bateau bathtub and Corana Basin. The caramel and jade green Onyx hammam features our Epoch shower fittings in polished nickel, perfectly contrasted against the wallpaper in Burnt Sienna, sustainably produced by Rapture & Wright.


Elicyon Room Set Collaboration with C.P. HartShop freestanding baths at C.P. Hart.


“Given the recent challenges around travel and the need to discover special places at home, we’ve sought to create a fantastical space with this bathroom design, one that transports you elsewhere. For some, that may be a tented camp high on the hills of a game reserve; for others, a spa at the bottom of a quintessential English garden – either way, it’s a playful escape; an otherness.”

-Charu Gandhi


Elicyon Room Set Collaboration with C.P. HartShop bathroom furniture at C.P. Hart.


Charu has included a vintage Turkish Hers Kilim rug in the centre of the room to add depth and interest, complete with the cream tented fabric ceiling in a cotton material by Pierre Frey. The theatrical bathroom set has been dressed to appear ‘lived in’; an antique bookcase in the corner is stacked with books, and in the opposite corner an armchair has been upholstered in a beautiful burnt orange mohair to echo the colour of the wallpaper finished with a braid and a fringe. Meanwhile, slippers are left waiting under the sink, almost as a theatre set where the actors have just exited.


We invite you to visit our Waterloo showroom, where you are able to experience all four room sets featuring our new product ranges, contemporary and classic.