Over the summer months, a number of our overseas suppliers cease manufacturing for a specific length of time. This practice is commonplace in Europe and all staff members take their annual leave during this period. As a result, the companies’ lead times will be longer than usual, and we ask that you read the following schedule to see how the Summer Hiatus affects you and the product(s) you wish to purchase.
Please note that the list below, although extensive, only shows the companies that manufacture items for sale on our website. If you have an existing order, or are looking to place one over the coming months, please ask your sales consultant or visit one of our showrooms for further details on other specialist products.
Supplier Last Order Fulfilment Date Length of Hiatus Extra Notes
Adamsez 26/06/2015 10 weeks Applies to Hoxton bath surround
Adatto Casa Lacquered finishes 28/06/15                       
Wooden finishes 17/07/15                 
8 weeks  
Bette 20/06/2015 10 weeks All Bette products unless held in C.P. Hart stock including Jazz 4, Jazz Solo, basic and trays if not in stock
Bisazza 19/06/2015 11 weeks  
Catalano 17/07/2015 10 weeks Affects our own Zone and Giro as well as specials
Columbo 17/07/2015 10 weeks  
Consulto 26/06/2015 10 weeks  
Cosmic   6 weeks  
Décor Walther 19/06/2015 11 weeks  
Gessi 17/07/2015 10 weeks  
Glass Design 10/07/2015 8 weeks  
Grange 19/06/2015 10 weeks All MGS, Original, Arc, Waterloo, Ocean
Imperial 17/07/2015 6 weeks Affects all London products
Jorger 26/06/2015 10 weeks Affects Charleston Arc and Charleston Square
Keuco 26/06/2015    
La Torre 24/07/2015    
Mastella 26/06/15 for LUX                                  10/07/15 for Matt/Pearl                     
17/07/15 for Wood
Nickles 26/06/2015   Manufacturers of Moto and other items from Crosswater
Recor 03/07/2015   Freestanding baths including our own if not in stock
Schneider   Add 2-3 weeks onto lead time