TOTO is recognised as the world’s leading producer of shower toilets. First launched in 1980, the WASHLET is TOTO’s signature product with innovation that has refashioned bathrooms across Japan for more than four decades. The TOTO shower toilet has improved hygiene standards with its warm water cleansing system and recent developments in air purification, automatic functions, and anti-bacterial technologies.

Only through true technological innovations has TOTO become one of, if not the most revolutionary toilet in the world. The TOTO WASHLET toilet presents advancements that have dramatically transformed the bathroom experience with self-cleaning, auto flushing, and deodorising capabilities, to name just a few. TOTO toilets use the TOTO TORNADO FLUSH technology for optimal bathroom hygiene, ensuring a deeper and more thorough clean using less water and featuring a quieter-than-ever flush.

The TOTO WASHLET continues to prove popular amongst the range, featuring the EWATER+ technology for hygiene excellence. Controlled with a remote, users can pre-set their preferred self-cleaning settings to assure a consistently comfortable experience, heightened with heated auto open/close TOTO toilets seats. Pair the WASHLET with the TOTO wall-hung pan for a sleek bathroom aesthetic.

In addition to toilets, our range of TOTO products includes TOTO washbasins, TOTO basin mixers and TOTO shower components. Shop TOTO online or visit one of our showrooms for the complete collection.