Details of the range

C.P. Hart’s London collection is inspired by the elegance of the Edwardian era, and represents the quintessential traditional bathroom. London can be found in many of the capital’s finest hotels, where quality and durability are just as important as style. In continuous production for over 40 years, the collection is manufactured entirely in England.


The range is extensive and offers many design options. The washbasin, for example, is available in a number of sizes and can be mounted on a ceramic pedestal or a chrome stand. Choose your sanitaryware in white or black.


The freestanding bath is made from a unique composite material that has excellent heat retention properties, which means the surface is warm to the touch from the moment you step into the bath. It is also lighter than traditional cast iron baths, which makes it easier to fit in some bathrooms.


London basins with the Greenwich boat bath

London basins with Greenwich boat bath.

What we love about London


London is at the centre of C.P. Hart’s unrivalled range of traditional bathrooms. It is the perfect match for C.P. Hart’s own Arc, Original or Waterloo brassware. It can be mixed with classic furniture, such as Claridge, and works surprisingly well with a statement contemporary bath.


C.P. Hart's London collection

London collection

Estate agents sometimes list properties with ‘a C.P. Hart bathroom’. They typically mean the London collection, a byword for quality and longevity.


London being manufactured in the potteries

Images from the manufacturing process at the factory where London is made. 

Little has changed since London was introduced. The same artisan manufacturing methods are still employed, using the same china clay, and layer after layer after layer of glaze. London has withstood the test of time, complementing each new design trend, and continues to be our most popular traditional collection.



2 minutes with Chris Elson at the London factory


What do you like the most about the London products?

The London collection has fantastic depth in its range offering, from various sizes from cloakroom basins to large basins, back-to-wall pans to a high-level option. There really is something to suit every room style and dimension. The range can also be further personalised with a collection of furniture, basin stands and a great choice of toilet seat colours and finishes. The London collection is also available in a stunning gloss black finish for a real classic look.


What makes the glaze used on the London products different to that used on other brands?

We use three coats of hand-sprayed glaze, ensuring each piece is fully coated, even in the harder to reach sections. The glaze will give the product extra lustre and shine for a lifetime, making it look brand new even in years to come.


What makes the shape of the London range so iconic?

The London collection is simple, classical and timeless in design, which is what makes it so popular today. From its bold, chunky shape to its elegant curves and fine detailing, this is a unique range. The design is well proportioned, making it very usable and practical, whilst keeping the look true to its traditional roots. 


What special quality does being made by hand in the UK bring to the finished product?

We are very proud to produce the ceramics here in the UK as this allows us to have complete control over every aspect of the product manufacturing. With our team of skilled craftsmen, we are able to control not only the finished piece to our high standards, but the raw materials that make up each piece, from the Cornish China and Devon ball clay, to the sand from Cheshire that makes our ceramic collections. We have very high-quality standards throughout the factory, with every piece going through at least five quality checks including visual inspections and pressure testing, eliminating any faults that may have occurred in the hidden sections. 


The London Collection from C.P. Hart Bathrooms on Vimeo.