Product Overview:

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The Touch Pure basin and mirror unit is the perfect all-in-one solution for your bathroom, and is ideal for smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms. The unit is built with a ‘plug and play’ function, meaning everything is installed and plugged into the unit with minimal installation requirements. All necessary parts for a bathroom unit, including a light, washbasin, taps, a mirror and a vanity unit, are fused together in an effortless and elegant way.  

“The Touch Pure is a revolutionary all-in-one concept that will suit any bathroom size. Minimal in it’s design, yet functional and simple to install.”
Dee Goddard, C.P. Hart Merchandising Team


Touch Pure, exclusive  to C.P. Hart

Touch Pure, exclusive  to C.P. Hart

C.P. Hart's 2-minute interview with the designer of Touch Pure:

What inspired the Touch Pure collection, and what is your favourite aspect of the product?
The intention behind the design of this product was to create something that combines all the functions needed from a washbasin into a single unit, including a mirror with LED lighting, an integrated water outlet and a vanity unit for storage. The control unit for the tap is discreetly incorporated into the vanity unit, as is the touch sensor for operating the LED light. The universal design of the Touch Pure concept allows the unit to fit harmoniously into any existing bathroom design, and its rectilinear look fits well into a modern bathroom aesthetic. 

Describe Touch Pure product in three words...
Innovative all-in-one concept.

What separates Touch Pure from other bathroom products on the market? 
By combining modular design, innovative functionality and integrative technology, Touch Pure is breaking new ground in bathroom design. All parts have been developed especially for this product, and it only features high-quality components. A highlight of this product is that the surrounding LED light can be adjusted from a warm to cold atmosphere, depending on the time of day and desired effect. 

Touch Pure boasts 'plug and play' technology. What does this mean for your customers? 
The way the product is designed means all parts of the concept are plugged in and installed on the frame, which allows the complete unit to be set up in a short time frame, without any complications. The electronic parts for the LED light and all connections for the water supply are tried and tested, ensuring that the product functions perfectly.


C.P. Hart Touch Pure and Classic from C.P. Hart Bathrooms on Vimeo.

View the Touch Pure product here.