The London-based interior design company, 2LG Studio, were chosen to interpret our predicted trends for 2019. The creative duo, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, composed a powerful and palpable room-set in red and pink that combines new finishes and bold products.

{Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of 2LG Studio}

Working with our in-house design team for several months, they have produced a bespoke room-set. This was revealed at our 2019 product launch last week.

2LG Studio selected cutting-edge products to create their colourful bathroom design. The Bette bath was custom made in magnolia pink to complete the dual-coloured design with the Rho basin from Kast in a matching hue. Fantini provides a dose of fun with its I Balocchi pop-art style brassware and freestanding shower, in a custom all-red finish. 

{2LG Studio's design before it became reality}

2LG Studio on the collaboration...

2LG Studio said, “When C.P. Hart approached us to work on this project with them we were thrilled. We have specified product through them for our private residential clients many times and love the product collections that they offer.”

Pink and red is not necessarily the first combination you think of when it comes to bathrooms. But in the fashion world, pink and red is iconic. We’re bringing it to the interiors world.”

We’ve used the wonderful tiles of Bisazza, which have so many different colour opportunities, and we’ve taken 12 different colours – matt and gloss – to give us an ombre effect throughout the room.”

I Balocchi means ‘toys’ and we think it’s a real representation of the physical tap – it’s so playful and joyful. You can’t help but smile when you look at them. And they feel wonderful. The taps epitomise what we wanted to create for this space.”

The studio cited the American fashion title Paper Magazine as a source of inspiration. “It had the most incredible red and pink cover the month we sat down to create the concepts. We also have a passion for Italian design and for movies. This month sees the release of the remake of 70s cult horror film, Suspiria, now directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring the goddess that is Tilda Swinton. We couldn’t be more excited about it and it has been a big influence on the design of the installation for C.P. Hart.”

C.P. Hart on the collaboration...

{Rachel Martin, Merchandising Director at C.P. Hart}

Jordan and Russell have such a signature style and always embrace colour which makes this collaboration work so well. C.P. Hart has been championing colour in the bathroom for quite some time now, so it¹s been great to work with designers who enjoy the bright and have created something bold for us.” commented Rachel Martin, Merchandising Director.

Bisazza¹s Opus Romano Matt tiles in pink and red pull this forward look together. “Red and pink is an iconic colour combo. It is a combo that has been in our minds for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity to experiment with it. Once we knew that Bisazza were on board too, we knew that their extensive range of colours in matt and gloss would give us the perfect opportunity to blend colours and create a jewellery box of a bathroom.”

The brief was to work with the theme ‘Kaleid-escape’ and we wanted to reference this by creating something that may look unassuming on the outside but is thrilling on the inside. Reveal moments excite us in interiors and this bathroom design is all about that.”  With the help of Beck Interiors, the set was designed with cut-out moon shapes to encourage the viewer to move around the room and see it from new and unusual angles.

The room-set will be on display in our flagship Waterloo showroom throughout 2019, as well as showcasing the latest collections from Bisazza, Bette, Scavolini and more in our gallery space.