C.P. Hart Approved Installer Service - Key Information & Terms of Use

At C.P. Hart we know that finding the right installer is as important as finding the right bathroom. As part of our Approved Installer Service, we can put you in touch with one or more of our approved and manufacturer-accredited bathroom installers. The number of installers will depend on various factors such as location, availability and the skills required for your project. Whilst Approved Installers are completely independent of C.P. Hart – meaning that your contract is made directly with the installer – one significant advantage is that they are all familiar with C.P. Hart products. In addition, we regularly monitor the performance of our Approved Installers and advise them on C.P. Hart’s quality standards.


Please read through and accept the below Key Information and Terms of Use to proceed with the C.P. Hart Approved Installer Service:


  • Approved Installers are regularly assessed by our comprehensive approval process. Nevertheless, we recommend that you always obtain at least one other alternative quote from an installation company of your choice for comparison.
  • All C.P. Hart Approved Installers offer a minimum two-year guarantee on their workmanship. However, each installation company may provide different, additional levels of assurance. Remember to ask your chosen installer about their guarantees.
  • Whether you appoint a C.P. Hart Approved Installer or select your own installer, your contract for installation work is with your chosen installation company. To ensure they meet your expectations, we always recommend that you check their credentials carefully, request independent references and obtain a written contract before agreeing to the work.
  • C.P. Hart will provide one or more Approved Installers for you based on a factors such as your location, the products purchased, the size and complexity of installation, estimated product lead times and the estimated project start date.
  • To ensure the Approved Installer can quickly provide you with an accurate quote, and that they are able to carry out the work within the required timeframe, we will share the following information with them:
  • Contact details you provide to us, such as your name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Details of your chosen products including estimated lead times.
  • Additional third-party contact details you provide to us, for example name and email address of your contractor. Please ensure that you have gained the third party’s consent before providing us with their details.
  • If you appoint an Approved Installer for your bathroom project, C.P. Hart representatives will continue to liaise with your chosen installer throughout the installation and your installer may share details of your installation project with us, such as product delivery dates, water pressures and design/fit considerations.
  • If we are unable to provide an Approved Installer for you, we will contact you immediately to discuss the reason and possible options.
  • The C.P. Hart Approved Installer Service is provided on request and is completely free of charge to our customers. We only want the best for our customers, therefore installation companies do not pay a subscription to be included on our register of Approved Installers. We do, however, charge the installation companies a small arrangement fee for every customer contract that is successfully placed with them. This arrangement fee is based upon the value of your installation quote.


What does it take to be a C.P. Hart Approved Installer?

C.P. Hart Approved Installers are measured on quality and competitiveness. We expect integrity and professionalism always from our Approved Installers, and all Approved Installers must adhere to our Code of Practice to maintain levels of service and standards. In addition, for every Approved Installer we:

  • visit a minimum of three completed projects to assess the standards of finish and workmanship and to gain first-hand feedback from the customers;
  • visit a minimum of three on-going projects to evaluate working practices during the installation process including standards of work and cleanliness on site; and
  • conduct random spot checks to continuously monitor the installer’s performance in terms of reliability, tidiness, courtesy and workmanship.

To become a C.P. Hart Approved Installer, installation firms must also comply with the following requirements:


  • All Approved Installers must hold Public Liability Insurance of minimum £5m
  • All installers must be eligible to work in the UK
  • All installers must complete a basic DBS check (Criminal Check)
  • Only fully qualified Gas-Safe engineers are permitted to carry out gas works
  • Only fully qualified NICEIC registered electricians are permitted to carry out electrical works

What if there is a problem?

The contract for installation of your bathroom products is between you and your appointed installer, however, C.P. Hart will endeavour to help if you are unable to reach a suitable resolution. 


Below are some additional considerations to help keep your installation project on track:


  • The average bathroom installation project can take 3 - 4 weeks. Naturally this will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project, so allow plenty of time to ensure a smooth installation. 
  • To avoid surprises and delays, be sure to consider the lead-time of your C.P. Hart products when booking an installation start date.
  • Buying the correct quantity of tiles is very important. It sounds obvious we know but, depending on your choice of tile, lead-times can be long; you may be waiting weeks for another delivery if the original quantity was not correct.
  • Knowing the water pressure in your property is essential; the performance of the brassware will depend on it. Discuss with your C.P. Hart Sales Advisor and your installer at the start of the project.
  • Ensure that all electrical work is carried out by a fully-qualified electrician. Ask for their NICEIC or NAPIT registration number and check online at http://www.niceic.com/ or https://www.napit.org.uk/.
  • On completion of electrical work, ensure that you are issued with a Minor Works Certificate or Part P Certificate. The certificate must include the address of the property and the registration number of the electrician. Once the certificate is received, contact the registering body to verify its legitimacy. The registering body will in turn notify the local building control department for you.
  • If a gas-powered water system is being upgraded, ensure that the installer is on the Gas Safe Register and that a Gas Safety Record (previously known as a certificate) is issued for the work. Please see https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/ for more information.