Details of the range

Italian brand, Ex.t, manufactures minimal, stylish bathroom products that are handcrafted by Tuscan family-run ateliers in the creative hub that is Florence. Attention to detail is at the forefront of their minds, and the unique objects they create display simple sophistication at its best. 

Ex.t Gus washbasin and Scoop shelf{Ex.t Gus washbasin and Scoop shelf}

With carefully chosen collaborations with international designers such as Norm.Architects and Marakita, Ex.t’s extensive range brings a modern-thinking ethos and plenty of originality to the bathroom without compromising on quality or materials. They have re-introduced a sense of fun to the bathroom with vibrant pops of colour and quirky shapes, and have revolutionised the standard design themes we have seen over the last 20 years. 

What we love about Ex.t

The combination of true Italian craftsmanship, fun geometric contours, and quality traditional materials result in a contemporary bathroom range that is second to none. 

Ex.t Gus washbasin{Ex.t Gus washbasin}

Ex.t strive for a lightweight appearance in a sector often dominated by heavy forms and rigorous lines. Their freestanding basin, Gus, is case in point. The slim, handmade ceramic basin is supported by a delicate, geometric structure that is reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower.

Ex.t Stand washbasin and freestanding bath{Ex.t Stand washbasin and freestanding bath}

The Stand range pairs a velvety composite material called LivingTec®, with slim metal legs. The elegant cross-braced stand with a matte black finish gives the structure an overall sense of lightness. The result is a matching washbasin and freestanding bath that are minimal yet sculptural. Functional yet utterly cool.   

Ex.t Ray basin and mirror{Ex.t Ray basin and mirror}

We also admire the clean fluid lines of Ray, a ceramic basin with solid natural oak legs bound by varnished steel wires – a feature that can also be used as a towel rail. The basin’s shape and its steel element provide a perfect match with the Ray mirror.

The simplicity of Ex.t’s ranges allow them to blend effortlessly with exclusive C.P. Hart brassware and sanitaryware, meaning that an ‘urban loft’ look can easily be achieved with the right styling.


2 minutes with Giulia Carri at Ex.t

What sets Ex.t products apart within the bathroom industry?
Ex.t is an innovative Italian design brand that mixes the international vision of its designers with the Italian expertise in the use of techniques and materials. Our mission is to unite the global design trend with our local artisan heritage, creating bathroom furniture inspired by the home design world, stand-alone pieces with a versatile soul, suitable for many living spaces.

Describe Ex.t’s product range in three words…
Craftsmanship, innovation, versatility.

Ex.t Fuse pendant lights
{Ex.t Fuse pendant lights}

Some of Ex.t's products have a distinctly Scandinavian feel to their design – are there any other influences that play a part in the production and design of the products?
The Scandinavian aesthetic that features in the Stand range is strictly connected with Norm.Architects’ style, it belongs to them. Ex.t doesn’t have an exclusively Nordic feel. We look for the best designers that can deliver stunning designs matching our values. This isn’t linked to a specific region or culture for us, that's only linked to the creativity of the talents we select from all over the world.

The collections designed by Norm.Architects are among our favourites. What was the inspiration behind these ranges?
To create the Stand Collection, Norm.Architects were inspired by the lightness and elegance of cast iron details found in 1920s and 1930s interiors, style features of the Victorian era, as well as the following Art Nouveau and Art Deco decades. The washbasin recalls the plant pots used in the luxuriant, thriving winter gardens of that time, and the bathtub reinterprets the classic baths with lion-shaped feet, typical of 1920s and 1930s interiors.

As for the Felt cabinet, which in Danish means ‘field’ or ‘frame’, it refers to the space created between a grid and various shelves. 

Last but not least, the Hat lamps were inspired by old moulds used in millineries to shape hats. Those authentic wooden moulds have now become highly coveted objects for many collectors. Keeping in mind the original shape, the designers created a lamp that combines a strong sculptural presence with a nostalgic flavour, versatile and able to match with many furniture styles and settings.

Ex.t Stand, Felt & Hat collections{Ex.t Stand, Felt & Hat collections}

Which bathroom trends do you think will emerge in 2016? 
We believe that a versatile bathroom, which blurs the boundaries with the other spaces, has emerged as a huge trend over the last few years. People are really using  the bathroom differently, not only as an intimate place for personal hygiene, but also as a proper living space to furnish with exclusive designs. That's why we've endorsed our trademark of versatility for our 2016 collections, which features a modular furniture system and a refined set of seating by Norm.Architects. The only trend we always follow is that of utmost quality that makes our products an investment to enjoy forever.