Maison & Objet continues to establish itself as one of, if not the most influential interior and design fairs in Paris. An annual exhibit, the fair has its finger firmly on the pulse of emerging trends, showcasing around 3,000 brands across 14 sectors, from textiles and furniture to home accessories.

This year, C.P. Hart’s Director of Design, Yousef Mansuri, visited Maison & Objet to scope the most prominent design trends for 2022 – a wealth of inspiration for the bathroom and beyond. Read on to discover our five favourite trends…


Lively Lilac

The resurgence of colour in the bathroom is a welcome shift from the constraints of white and neutral designs. This year, lilac is the predominant shade, an inevitable choice considering the Platinum Jubilee and Pantone’s ‘Very Peri’ (a joyous blue with violet and red undertones) colour of the year.

Designers are breathing tones of purple, mauve, and berry - pastel through to dark - into their schemes, brightening fabrics, upholstery, glassware, and decorative items.


Maison & Objet Lively Lilac Trend


“Lilac and purple hues are a huge colour trend this year, with the fresh and vibrant tones getting us into the summer vibe. It’s also the colour of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and, of course, the long-awaited Elizabeth Line through central London. Within a bathroom space, Lilac can be used in tiling, furniture, wallpaper, or simply with added accessories, best paired with whites, greys, or pops of black.”

Yousef Mansuri, C.P. Hart Director of Design


Retro Revival

The 1970s is making a definitive comeback. Maison & Objet saw an influx of bold retro patterns on wallpaper, upholstery, carpets, and artwork, with tiling steered towards colourful, geometric designs.

Whilst stepping away from typical '70s avocado green, this trend certainly embraces the fiery red, burnt orange, and ochre tones from the decade – a crossover with the Molten Earth trend outlined below.

To soften the scheme, Yousef noticed more hints of brown, beige, camel, and caramel incorporated in the Retro Revival trend.


Maisonn & Objet Retro Revival Trend


“Harking back to the 1970s, these retro-inspired designs can be seen primarily in tiles, wallpaper, and fabrics. Colours from these patterns can be picked out to choose complementary or contrasting sanitaryware, brassware, heated towel rails, and accessories.”

Yousef Mansuri, C.P. Hart Director of Design


Natural Textures

The past few years have seen the bathroom become more of a sanctuary than ever before; it’s the home’s answer for wellness and escapism. As such, natural textures weave their way into interior design in both the bathroom and the wider home. Offering respite from the hard, cold surfaces typically found in the bathroom, we welcome raw woods, rattan, straw, and cork, intrinsic to creating a calming and restorative ambience

Offering a nod to sustainability, furniture, rugs, and tableware are made from woven materials in muted shades.


Maison & Objet Natural Textures Trend


“There are many natural woven accessories for bathrooms on the market, such as laundry and storage baskets, that effortlessly add natural textures to the space. The use of cane webbing or rattan is a huge trend right now, commonly utilised in furniture door panels — the new 'Marcel' collection from Cielo is the perfect example.”

Yousef Mansuri, C.P. Hart Director of Design


Molten Earth

Molten Earth is a development of last year’s Burnt Orange trend, this time fusing warmer hues, including red, deep brick, and rich rust, into the palette. Rather than blanketing the entire home, this trend sees fabrics, upholstery, and lighting embrace molten tones as points of interest.

The use of terracotta and ceramics gives the living space an artisanal quality, easily translated into the bathroom by introducing statement tiles and decorative artwork.


Maison & Objet Molten Earth Trend


“Terracotta tiles are a fantastic way to introduce this trend into the bathroom, available in a range of burnt orange and red tones. Pair these tiles with warm metallic brassware in gold, brass, and bronze to create a soft and inviting space.”

Yousef Mansuri, C.P. Hart Director of Design


Warm Neutrals

Intertwined with the Natural Textures trend, warm neutrals are key to creating an unfussy and soothing aesthetic. Spurred on by the popular ‘Japandi’ scheme we’ve seen featured across many of last year’s designs, Warm Neutrals focuses on more pale and tranquil tones. Stone, cream, sand, beige, whites, and browns are at the fore, with hints of black creating that all-important contrast.


Maison & Objet Warm Neutrals Trend


“Give your bathroom added depth by mixing or even layering various neutral shades and textures, such as pale woods, natural fabrics, and warm neutral ceramics. To create a calm nature-inspired setting, avoid sharp lines and harsh colours.”

Yousef Mansuri, C.P. Hart Director of Design


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