Trend 3- Spirit of the Seventies

The cultural importance of the 1970's is often overlooked even though it was the decade of Bowie and Hendrix; disco and punk; Westwood and McLaren; The Godfather and Star Wars. Designers are now taking inspiration from an incredibly dynamic and diverse era for style, Retro forms, such as fluted glass, and bold pinks and greens are being reused and reinterpreted. Not just for retro sentiment, but as powerful new design statements.
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Salone del Mobile Trends
Spirit of the Seventies was apparent throughout this year's Salone del Mobile in Milan
Salone del Mobile Trends
“Arguably a misunderstood era of design, but who would of thought we would see such strong influences from this period resurface!

Designers are taking ideas from the 70's and putting a dynamic modern day twist on them, alongside utilising advancements in manufacturing technology to deliver a whole new category of products. The key to this is to be fun, embrace a little more colour, bolder design statements but just remember to learn from lessons of the past!" Dan Cook, Principle Showroom Designer
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