Central to the Contracts team’s continued success is training and development. C.P. Hart has 14 showrooms including its flagship space at Waterloo, which houses a Training Academy for architects and specifiers. The Academy is an interactive space and includes a dedicated testing area that enables architects and specifiers to review flow rates and gain access to
C.P. Hart’s specialist bathroom design, sustainability and accessible design experts. The Waterloo showroom also houses multiple meeting rooms, giving architects and specifiers the facilities they need to discuss and plan their projects with the design team, as well as clients.
Our Expertise
To find out more about C.P. Hart’s training and development programmes, and to book your place on one of our ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions tailored to your requirements, please contact Carolyn Harrison on:

Tel: 01322 422017
E-mail: carolyn.harrison@cphart.co.uk