Installation Service

Approved Installer Service
The process is very simple. Just talk to your Sales Consultant, who will explain how to request a quotation from the Approved Installers. You can then decide if you wish to appoint one to your project, knowing that each has the skills and professionalism to fit a C.P. Hart bathroom.

All our Approved Installers have expertise and experience in fitting luxury and high-quality bathroom products. They know how to install highly technical and complex bathrooms. C.P. Hart organises training for Approved Installers directly with most of its leading manufacturers.

Professional Standards
C.P. Hart Approved Installers are only accepted into the programme after a rigorous qualification process. This applies not just to qualification and skills, but site management, personal behaviour and safety.

Peace of Mind
All Approved Installers have background checks so you can feel comfortable allowing them into your home. We also check the financial health of each business, and ensure that there is no record of fraud or bankruptcy.

Taking Care
Approved Installers will take care of your property whilst the work takes place. They will protect entrances, hallways and staircases and take measures to ensure that the rest of the property is left exactly the way they found it. We insist that all Approved Installers have public liability insurance of a minimum of £5 million in the unlikely event of an accident.

Approved Installers understand how to fit C.P. Hart products. They will follow the installation guides provided by the manufacturers, ensuring that the products’ guarantees are maintained. (Incorrect installation will invalidate the guarantee). All Approved Installers offer a minimum of two-year guarantee on their workmanship.
Approved Installer Service
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