C.P. Hart takes the view that bathroom design should be universal. Meeting the demands of the Equality Act and Building Regulations Part M doesn’t mean that a hotel or commercial bathroom has to feel drab and functional. Accessible design can be luxurious, inspirational and well conceived if technical challenges are tackled and resolved from the outset.
How do you ensure ‘accessible design’ addresses every possible requirement the end user might have? How do you manage the detail of turning circles and transferring space? Can ‘inclusive design’ also be elegant and appealing?
These factors are often addressed at the final stage of development, requiring unsophisticated retrofitting. The key is to seek the best accessible design advice as early as possible.
Whatever the size and scale of your project, C.P. Hart Contracts has the specialist knowledge required to ensure the finished result is fully compliant while achieving the highest level of comfort and satisfaction for the end user. C.P. Hart works closely with some of the world’s leading suppliers of accessible products and offers a comprehensive range that includes the right solution for any given space. The key is to seek the best accessible design advice as early as possible.
The team will work with the client to deliver the refurbishment project within their schedule of work, coordinating scheduling and the collation of specifications on their behalf to ensure products are efficiently delivered to site. For those who need a full consultancy service, C.P. Hart’s team can provide audits, access statements and accessibility management plans.
Our Expertise
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