Details of the range

The JEE-O flow series is truly one of a kind. This range of taps and mixers was born of a collaboration between Dutch brand JEE-O and Italian designer, Brian Sironi. Flow is minimalist at heart, eliminating the non-essential components of a traditional fixture. With feminine lines and organic curves, water flows freely with no interruptions through the exposed piping – this unexpected feature adds to the iconic yet utilitarian design. 

What’s more, a bath and basin has been introduced to the range, designed by Amsterdam-based design duo, Grand & Johnson. The sanitaryware perfectly complements the distinctive taps and mixers, forging a pairing that will provide quite the focal point in your bathroom. 

What we love about JEE-O flow

Minimal, functional and iconic. Three concepts that, when blended together, create a design classic in the making. The stainless steel finish of the taps and mixers exudes a trendy industrial feel, while the hardwearing DADOquartz material of the bath and basin ensures its flawless finish will last a lifetime. One of our favourite pieces is the wall-mounted basin mixer and towel holder – as well as providing a striking design feature in your bathroom, it also doubles as handy towel storage. 


2 minutes with Italian designer, Brian Sironi, about the JEE-O flow range…

How did your collaboration with JEE-O come about?

I sent an email to JEE-O and, the next day, received a call from Lammert Moerman, head of the company. He was so enthusiastic about my design. A week later, he flew to Milan, just for a five-hour talk. It was an amazing start to our relationship.

What was your inspiration for flow?

Water takes on the shape of the object that contains it, and that concept was my starting point. Until the moment water flows from the tap and is free, it has the shape of the pipes through which it moves. We rarely see the pipes; they are hidden behind walls and under floors. But with Flow, we reveal the pipes, extending them into the bathroom.

The Flow series combines all my ideas about good design: pure, clean shapes and integration of different parts, without compromising on function. I hate the word minimal, but that’s what it is.

When designing for the bathroom, what do you consider?

As a designer, I deal in innovation, so I try to create new things. In the bathroom, I am focused on improving the user’s experience and on ergonomics. I believe that good design can improve people’s lives.

Any other projects in the pipeline?

I am designing a range of accessories to complete the Flow series, and to reflect the style and ergonomics of it. I am also working as an interior designer for private residences, and developing products that will be presented at the next Salone del Mobile in Milan.