The innovative shape of the Raindance overhead shower was crafted with the contour of the human body in mind – in particular the width of the shoulders. Your showering experience will be heightened with Hansgrohe's AirPower technology – water is enriched with air so that the droplets become plumper, lighter and softer for an extraordinary sense of well-being, as well as a more efficient use of water. What’s more, Hansgrohe’s QuickClean invention also means you can rapidly remove dirt and limescale deposits from your shower head. 

· Shower head size: 260mm
· Spray pattern: RainAir (rain jet enriched with air)
· Flow rate: 15 litres a minute at 3 bar
· Fully chrome-plated spray face
· Spray disc removable for cleaning
· QuickClean technology for easy limescale removal

About Hansgrohe:
German brassware manufacturers Hansgrohe are true innovators within the bathroom industry, and have a reputation amongst professionals for quality and reliability. They habitually call on the services of some of the world’s most acclaimed designers, such as Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola, to create new and exciting products.